Besøksadresse: Anne Moesgate 3, 2406 Elverum.


We provide translation into English or even other languages.

Pinsekirken Elverum - The Pentecostal Church in Elverum

About us

Pinsekirken Elverum is a dynamic and active congregation. We want hospitality and generosity to characterize us and we therefore hope that all visitors feel welcome.

Our vision:

  • We want to build relationships in three directions: upward towards God our father, among each other in the church and outwards with everyone in the local community and even beyond.
  • Pinsekirken have different activities aimed at all ages from the youngest to the oldest, but we focus particularly on children and youth.
  • In addition, we are investing heavily in global mission, spreading the message of Jesus Christ beyond the borders of Norway. We support diverse missions projects and even send people out from Elverum.

Elverum Pentecostal Church is affiliated with the Pentecostal Movement in Norway.

Weekly schedule

  • A normal week more or less looks like this:
  • Monday: 7pm: Connect Bible; bible studies an conversations for youth.
  • Tuesday/ Wednesday: 11am: song devotions in institutions for seniors around town.
  • Tuesday 7pm: Prayer an worship in the church.
  • Wednesday once a month: 11am: Culture-café for seniors. Also once a month: cross denominational prayer meetings. Please contact us for time and place.
  • Thursday: 6pm: Cell groups/ small groups (Please contact us if you want to join a small group!)
  • Friday: 7.30pm: Youth club called The Message. Diverse activities, time and place may therefore vary. For more information see:!/group.php?gid=44629954797.
  • 3pm: The Betweens, this is similar to Connect, but for the age bracket 10-12 years of age. (Not active for the moment)
  • Sunday: 12:12pm: Sunday service for the hole family! Especial program for kids, called Jesus Kidz.


At present all our services are being held in Norwegian, but when needed we provide translation into English or even other languages. We have members from all parts of the world so that different languages and countries are represented.

Pinsekirken Elverum
Besøksadresse: Anne Moes gt. 3
Postadresse: Torvmyrvegen 11, 2406 Elverum
+47 47783206
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